Youth Empowered in Action for Humanity

Youth Empowered in Action for Humanity

Formalised on 21 May 2014, Youth Empowered in Action for Humanity (YEAH) is a youth platform.

Our Vision

“To Educate, Engage, Equip and Empower Youth for a Transformational Society”

Why Youth?

Communities have often overlooked the fact that their young are the bigger victims of oppression and suffering, both internally and externally.One of the most vulnerable section, which is easily misguided.The abundant energy, resources and skills that are misused.When a community puts the onus of its future on its young, is mandated to nurture, support and strengthen it.However, it has failed in the latter.


There are a number of Youth groups, movements, organisations and institutions that are trying to act as a support base in process of youth building the future.Unfortunately, these efforts are insufficient given the size of the Youth population.Hence, this is one such initiative to add to the efforts to address the need of transformation of the internal oppression and suffering that Youth face in their day-to-day living and further channelise their internal transformation to influence the transformation of the larger society.

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